Testing, Repairs and Spares for your Wind Turbine Controls

Are you certain that all your spares will work when you need them?

By having faulty cards repaired and your idle inventory tested, enjoy the benefits of reduced downtime, along with reduced operating costs.

GTC has invested in a modern Service Center to carry the Tests and Repairs out with dedicated equipment in a controlled, ISO 9001 certified, environment. Our technical staff is fully trained in all aspects of testing and repairs to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently.

Originally starting out to service GE Gas & Steam Turbine Controls, GTC has expanded into supporting the GE Wind Turbine Controls, including:

  • IS200AEADH1A
  • IS200AEPGG1A
  • IS200WETBH1A
  • IS200WETBH1B
  • IS200WETCH1A
  • IS210AEAAH1B
  • IS210AEAAH2B
  • IS210AEABH1A
  • IS210AEACH1A
  • IS210AEBIH1B
  • IS210AEBIH2B
  • IS210AEBIH3B
  • IS210AEDBH3A
  • IS210AEPSG1B
  • IS210AEPSG1A
  • IS210AEPSG2B
  • IS210MACCH2A
  • IS210MACCH3A
  • IS215AEPAH1A
  • IS215AEPAH1C
  • IS215AEPCH1A
  • IS215AEPCH1B
  • IS215AEPCH1E
  • IS215MACBH1A
  • IS215WEMAH1A
  • IS215WEPAH1A
  • IS215WETAH1A
  • IS215WETAH1B
  • MACC
Test Jig


With your components, we provide a detailed Test or Repair Report and Warranty documentation.

GTC’s Inventory Maintenance Strategies can help you dig out the gold buried in your warehouse.

Speak to a GTC representative to learn more about our Wind Turbine Controls support.

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