On-the-Job-Training (OJT)

Course Objective

The objective of OJT is to share the Field Service Engineer’s (FSE) experience and knowledge with Site personnel (Site).

In the fulfilment of their daily duties, Site has questions, or concerns regarding the operation, maintenance (routine, preventative and corrective) and troubleshooting of the equipment.

Typical OJT questions are:

  • Where do I find how device “A” is connected to the control system?
  • How do I know where this alarm is coming from?
  • How can I prepare a new screen in the control system to follow these signals?
  • What is the procedure to calibrate the IGV LVDTs?
  • How can I ensure that I have the current running software in the Turbine Control?
  • How do I troubleshoot a ground fault?
  • How to trace signals to do troubleshooting?
  • What files are not required in the Operator Interface that I can safely delete?
  • How do the speed and temperature control loops work?
  • What happens when the unit is in Preselected Load with the Droop response?

Duration: 3 Days

Customer scope:

A very important step to make the best use of the FSE’s time on site is to prepare a set of questions and subjects to discuss.

Please deliver those at least three weeks in advance so the FSE can prepare appropriately.

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