Mark VIe Engineer & Technician Training

Course Objective

Building upon the fundamentals learned in the Operator course, the Technician course is designed for Technicians and Supervisors involved in the maintenance, configuration and calibration of the subject Turbine Control Panel (TCP). One of the fundamental objectives of the course is to teach the basic knowledge to identify and determine the cause of process and diagnostic alarms in the TCP, and their relationship with the hardware. During the course, we will also discuss gas turbine fundamentals, introduction to: gas turbine protection, TCP hardware, device calibrations from the TCP, etc.
The course provides the fundamental tools to troubleshoot, configure and intervene the TCP, and an introduction to theoretical aspects to further the self-learning process.

For courses delivered at our Hawthorne, NY Training Center, we utilize our energized Mark VIe panel and our custom built simulator. For Customer Site training, we utilize only our simulator.


Course Outline

Duration: 5 Days

Day 1
  • Introduction to the Mark VIe TCP
    • Hardware components
    • Architecture Simplex/Dual/TMR
    • Communications
    • Software
    • Redundancy
    • Protection
    • Turbine specific applications
  • Mark VIe Networks – UDH/PDH/ADH
Day 2
  • Mark VIe Hardware
    • UCSx Controller
    • I/O Packs
      • PAIC – Analog
      • PDIO – Digital
      • PTCC – Thermocouples
      • PRTD – RTDs
      • PSVO – Servo Regulators
      • PVIB – Vibration
      • PTUR – Protection, Turbine specific
      • PPRO – Protection
      • PDM – Power Distribution Module
  • Mark VIe Hardware Exercise
Day 3
  • ToolboxST – Introduction
  • ToolboxST – Hardware Management
  • Finder, Logic Forcing, Control Constants
  • Hardware Exercise in ToolboxST
  • System Database (SDB)
  • Control Software Structure
  • Exercise Software ToolboxST
Day 4
  • Blockware (Control Blocks Library)
  • Exercise Alarm Tracing
  • Alarms:
    • Drop Numbers
    • Process Alarms
    • Diagnostic Alarms
  • LVDT calibration
  • Control Sequence Logic Edition
  • Trends/Trips/Trip Log/ WatchWindows (Exercises)
  • Compilation and Download – On-Line, Off-Line
Day 5
  • Replacement I/O Pack and Terminal Board
  • Replacement and Flashing Controller
  • WorkstationST Alarm Viewer – Alarm management
    • Silence, Acknowledge, Reset, Block
    • Sequence of Events (SOE)
  • Toolbox ST Exercises
  • Final Exam

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