Mark V

Spare Parts for GE Speedtronic™ Mark V & Mark V LM

GTC carries an unparalleled stock of Mark V spare parts, both in unused and remanufactured conditions. The Mark V spares carry a 24-month warranty. Please contact us about conditions for the Exchange Program to improve the cost-effectiveness of our supply or to learn about our Longevity™ and WarrantyXXL™ products.


Our Spare Parts and Services Include:

  • 100% Guaranteed, Tested and Ready-to-Ship Availability
  • Longevity for Guaranteed Availability for Even the Rarest Cards
  • WarrantyXXL to Resuscitate Your Stock of Spares without a Multi-Year Commitment
  • In-House Repair Services
  • State-of-the-Art, Automated Test Equipment
    • For Fast and Complete Component-Level Troubleshooting
  • Functional Testing
    • Carried Out in Energized Panels for Added Reliability
  • Standardized Completion Report Describing Problems Found and Disposition
    • Issued with Every Repair
  • Testing and Certification on Spares
  • Troubleshooting
  • Commissioning
  • TIL Review & Implementation
  • Outage & Startup Support
  • Health Check
    • Alarm Clearing
    • Control Constants Check
    • DC Power Supply Health Check
    • File Clearing
    • Battery Health Check
    • Cleanliness/Cooling
    • Junction Box and Terminal Tightness Check
    • Long-Standing Issue Resolution
    • Sequencing Modifications
    • Full Report
  • Surplus Panels
  • Core Upgrades
  • Unwanted Spares

For Mark IV and Mark V, GTC’s qualified engineers visit the site to perform a detailed survey and download the EPROMs. In our shop, the ordered quantity of safety copies (minimum two) are created, checked and shipped to site. Shipment includes a CD-ROM copy.

Use one of the new copies instead of the “master copy.” The “master copy” and the other spares should be kept in separate safe locations.

  • Replacement-In-Kind or Repair/Refurbishment
  • Applicable to Speedtronic Mark V <I> & HMI and Mark VI HMI
  • Every CPU is tested at our Service Center
  • Provided with a 24 month warranty as standard
    • Courses Available On-Site or at our Training Facility
    • Predefined or Customized Training Courses
    • Training Facility Using Energized Panels and Simulator for a Hands-On Experience
    • Manuals Supplied in Electronic Format with In-Depth Content and Diagrams
    • Courses Available in English and Spanish

Find out how we can help you extend the life of your Mark V controls systems.

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