Mark IV Operator

Course Objective

This course offers the basic concepts for Operation or Maintenance. The course also covers basic Gas Turbine technology and the Auxiliary Systems (Piping Schematics) to allow the participant to connect the devices to the control system.

Who should attend?

Operation and maintenance beginners. Although, this course is a good refresher for experienced personnel. This course is intended for industrial gas turbine users.

Course Outline

Duration: 5 Days

Day 1
  • Intro: Instructor’s background. Delegates. Brief overview.
  • Manuals and Drawings
  • Gas Turbine Overview
  • Operator Interface
  • Photo album #1 – Layout: Processors, Boards, Power Up/Down
  • Piping Schematics and Device Summary: Introduction
  • Control Specifications
  • Photo album #2 – Detailed description of screen displays
  • Rung Ladder Logic Reading – Inversion masks, Failsafe Design
Day 2
  • Nomenclature Review of Device Function Numbers
  • Elementary Drawings/Panel – Page by Page
  • MCC Drawings – Relationship with Elementary Drawing
  • Photo album #3 – Description of screen displays – continued
  • Operation: Crank, Fire, Auto, Base Load, Preselected Load
  • Exercises
  • MLI 0400s – Lube, Trip Oil, Gas, Liq. Fuel, IGV, Hydraulics
  • Ready to Start/Speed Relays – Start checks, settings and function
  • Case Study 02 – Happily Burning Fuel
Day 3
  • Main Protection Trip Circuits. Description
  • Protection Systems – Auto-Synch. Breaker circuit – Load Control
  • Minimm Value Gate
  • FSR – Firing/Warmup/Accel./Speed/Temperature/Manual
  • Piping Schematics
  • Photo album #4 Screen displays + HSAA Card
  • Device Summary
  • Fire Protection System
Day 4
  • Maintenance Practices – EPROM Backup
  • Algorithm review – Control System Specifications
  • Sequencing Functions – Sequencing Exercises
  • Logic Forcing
  • Demand Display – Printing
  • The Mark IV Operator Interface
  • Protection Systems – Comb. Monitor, Vibration, O/Speed, O/Temp
  • Vibration Protection Channels + Control Constant Adjust
  • Following Alarms
  • Exercises
Day 5
  • Ground Faults
  • Auxiliary Display Operation
  • Check your knowledge – Final Questions
  • Q&A – Your turn
  • Course Evaluation
  • Certificates. Adjourn

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