HMI & I-Dos Replacement-In-Kind

Replacment-In-Kind or Repair/Refurbishment - Applicable to Speedtronic™ Mark V <I> & HMI and Mark VI HMI

Replacement-in-kind (RIK)

  • Built with improved industrial grade componenets over the OEM’s
  • SSD is our standard supply for <I> or HMI. More reliable and durable than the mechanical HDD.
  • Standard 24 month Warranty. Optional 4 or 6 year warranty available.
  • Utilizing a copy or image of your existing hard drive, we ensure “plug & play”, not “plug & pray”…


Repair/Refurbishment: The replacement components match the original specification to ensure compatibility.

Every CPU is tested before shipment at our Service Center in Hawthorne, NY.


Typical RIK Process:

During Production
Post testing – prior to packaging and shipment



Customer information required:

RIK: To ensure the correct Site Specific configuration all the files in the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) must be supplied with the Purchase Order. Alternatively, a ghost image of the HDD may be supplied. Acceptable ghost images are: ACRONIS, GHOST


Repair/Refurbishment: With an operational HDD, a copy of the files or a ghost copy of the HDD, same as for RIK, as a safety measure before shipment to GTC Service Center.

If the HDD is damaged, GTC will attempt to recover the files (not guaranteed). If the files are not recoverable, GTC will advise regarding options to recover the Site Specific files from the Speedtronic Mark V or Mark VI.

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