GTC Mark V (Power Supply)

Improved Performance for GE Mark V Cards

Increased load and aging components contribute to the deterioration and eventual failure of the TCPS. In our experience, the TCPS supplied by GE (old TCPS) has the highest failure rate of all Mark V cards.

The new TCPS is designed with state-of-the-art features and high quality, industrial-grade components.

  • Direct Replacement for GE DS200TCPSG1A
  • Identical Size and Fit
  • Plug-and-Play
  • No Additional Hardware or Adjustments Required
  • Reduced Audible Noise
  • Lower Price than the Old TCPS
  • Increased Performance, Reliability and Life Expectancy
Feature Units “New TCPS” (GTC) “Old TCPS” (GE) Remarks
Input Input Voltage (min/max) Vdc 125 (90/150) 125 (105/140) Better
Inrush Current A 51.6 none Better
Efficiency % 78 64 Better
Output Voltage Regulation Tolerance % ±1 ±5 Better
Voltage Control One for each output voltage One for all outputs Mitigates risk of voltage hunting and malfunction
Ratings [W] V/A [196] +5/8, +15/2, +24/3, -24/1 [70] +5/3, ±15/0.6, +24/1, -24/0.5 Better
Cooling (Heat Sink) Improved Standard Better
Ripple and Noise V/mV +5/20, ±15/30, -24/40 +5/60-100, ±15/100-150, -24/300M >70% of noise eliminated
Other Switching Frequency kHz 70 17 Audible noise reduced almost to threshold levels
Dimensions (L×W×H) mm [in] (279.4 × 213.4 × 65.0) [(11.00 × 8.40 × 2.56)] Same
Output Voltage Monitoring VDC +5, +15, -15| +24, -24 Same
  • Improved Heat-Sink Design for Better Cooling
  • Rated at 196 W to Endure Larger Load Fluctuations and for Improved Performance
  • Less Ripple Helps Prevent Current Patterns Potentially Harmful to Other Components
  • Enhanced Input Filters to Mitigate Interference from the Electrical Source

Find out how we can improve the performance of your Mark V power supply.

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