Excitation Health Check

On-site Operational Solutions

Gas Turbine Controls (GTC) offers operators a health check for their GE Digital Excitation Control Systems. This service can be performed on the EX2000, EX2100 and EX2100e. This procedure is carried out, in close cooperation with site personnel, by an experienced GTC Field Service Engineer.

The Health Check – consists of inspections, tests, analysis, procedures and, eventually, corrective actions, based on the information, and needs of the operator.

Whenever possible, immediate resolution will be the preferred alternative. Otherwise, GTC and the Customer, in collaboration, will define a path, program and schedule for the implementation of the agreed disposition.

As a result of the activities carried out, GTC will issue a comprehensive report with dispositions regarding the state, tips, recommendations and actions to maintain and, eventually, improve the availability, reliability and user friendliness of the panel.


Typical Activities:

By FSE with Site Support

  • Alarm Clearing, Settings check.
  • Long standing minor issues resolved, TIL review
  • Basic calibrations, if required and possible
  • Stock of spares review, critical spares identified and recommended



By Site with FSE Advice

  • DC Power Supply, Battery System review
  • Cleanliness/Cooling review
  • Junction box and terminal review

Learn more about our Health Checks for GE Speedtronic™ and Excitation Controls Systems.

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