EPROM Backup Service

EPROM Backup Service - Applicable to Speedtronic Mark IV and Mark V
Why an EPROM backup is recommended:

Through time, sub-optimal environmental conditions, and repeated handling, EPROMs may eventually fail or get damaged.

Typically, site specific EPROM sets are no longer available from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Without backup, in case of a failure or accident (e.g. when transferring to a new card), the OEM solution is: Upgrade the complete panel!

The EPROM backup by GTC is a low-cost effective, safety net to mitigate the risk of extended unplanned outages and expenses, including a complete panel upgrade.


The EPROM Backup Service by GTC
To minimize cost, a GTC experienced repair technician will perform a detailed survey of the customer’s Speedtronic panel EPROMs, and plan the activities with the customer’s representative.


EPROM Backup Service

The Speedtronic panel must be shut down and powered up by customer personnel.

During the site visit (estimate two days per panel), using proper procedures and safety protocols, and with customer personnel escort and witnessing, the GTC Technician will:

  1. Witness the Speedtronic panel shutdown by customer personnel, to confirm good working condition before shutdown
  2. Remove, Backup and Reinstall the EPROMs
  3. Witness the Speedtronic panel power up by customer personnel, to confirm successful power up in good working condition


OPTIONAL SERVICES (quoted with the EPROM Backup Service)

  • On-the-Job Training – Training of customer personnel regarding the removal and installation of EPROMs only
  • Second Visit by Technician – If physical backup sets are purchased, consider a second visit by the GTC Technician to test the backup EPROMS in the panel

Find out more about GTC’s EPROM Backup Service by contacting your regional GTC representative.

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