Don't Upgrade

Comprehensive Alternatives to OEM Planned Obsolescence

Do you feel pressured to upgrade your controls, protection and monitoring systems?
Reasons for a “forced” upgrade include:

  • Regulatory Compliance (NERC/FERC)
  • End of OEM Support
  • Shortage of Obsolete Components
  • Lack of Modern Features



GTC Can Help You Keep the Control with the Following Options: 

GTC maintains an unparalleled inventory of original, unused, spare parts for GE turbine controls and excitation systems, with expedited delivery and personalized service in case of forced outage or emergency. Users can save time and money with remanufactured components.

For Mark IV and Mark V, our WarrantyXXL™ program provides an extended warranty to “resuscitate” your inventory. Our Longevity™ program is designed for if you require “guaranteed” long term parts availability.

Thousands of successful repairs demonstrate the quality, consistency, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the proprietary test and repair procedures developed by GTC. Our signature “Final Test” in an energized panel ensures that the hardware will work in your panel. Our “Test & Certify” service demonstrates that your inventory (on the shelf for decades) is operational.

For Mark IV and Mark V, the WarrantyXXL™ option provides an extended warranty that resuscitates your decades-old stock of electronic boards.

We offer our clients customizable field services including:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Commissioning
  • Controls Upgrades
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • And More

In case of forced outage or emergency, please contact us. Our experts are available 24/7 to answer urgent questions that will help you start, synchronize, load or troubleshoot your panel without having to wait a day or two for a field engineer.


Upgrade your existing HMI unit to run Windows 7 with new hardware to overcome the OEM’s decision to stop support of the previous versions. The new HMI running on Windows 7 uses the client’s current Cimplicity and TCI applications, avoiding expensive licensing and compatibility issues.


For Mark IV and Mark V, GTC’s qualified engineers visit the site to perform a detailed survey and download the EPROMs. In our shop, the ordered quantity of safety copies (minimum two) are created, checked and shipped to site. Shipment includes a CD-ROM copy.

Use one of the new copies instead of the “master copy.” The “master copy” and the other spares should be kept in separate safe locations.

Learn how GTC can extend the life of your assets.
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