GE* Declared a “Last-Time-Buy” for Mark VI, But You Have Options to “Keep the Control” with GTC

Well, it’s official: General Electric has declared the “end-of-life” for the Mark VI platform by 2019. In their product life-cycle support notice for the control system, GE* announced a “last-time buy” for all Mark VI products through the OEM

At Gas Turbine Controls, however, we’re not increasing prices and we’re not limiting our Mark VI orders. We’re still supplying you with the same products and service we always have.

If you buy from GE*, though? Any orders for Mark VI products must be placed before December 31st, 2018 and can expect to be shipped by March 31st, 2019. These “last-time-buys,” as of January 2018, also now come with a 25% price increase for Mark VI modules due to the difficulty of sourcing those parts.

Is this surprising? Not really.

GE* had already ceased normal production of the Mark VI platform way back in 2009. Though they continued to receive orders to source Mark VI components, it was expected that this control system would eventually meet its end-of-life, like many other legacy systems before it.

Not ready to upgrade? GTC’s here to help.

Any plant operator knows that upgrades are expensive, even with migration efforts in place. When an OEM ends support for your system, though, it’s easy to feel pressured to upgrade earlier than necessary.

At GTC, we believe that when and if you decide to upgrade should be up to you, not your OEM. That’s why we offer you with various options to keep the control of your legacy systems.

As an OEM alternative, GTC provides you with competitively priced:

• Inventory of Mark VI Spare Parts – We have the largest inventory of GE* control spares worldwide, with an included 24-month warranty and guaranteed testing of certified spares before delivery.

• In-House Testing & Repairs – Our state-of-the-art equipment includes energized panels for testing and complete component-level troubleshooting.

Field Services – Our experience field service technicians can provide you with includes troubleshooting, commissioning and health check services for your Mark VI.

Mark VI Training – We offer expert Mark VI training from veteran engineers and technicians with hands-on learning, so that your team gets useful, practical knowledge.

Still planning to upgrade, but not sure what to do with your Mark VI part surplus? GTC can help here, too!

GTC is a premier asset recovery option for your surplus Mark VI parts and spares. We’d be interested in purchasing your whole panel or modules replaced by your upgrade at a competitive price.

For priority attention, email us at To assist in the evaluation of your surplus system, please use the following checklist:

• List all installed hardware in the panel

• List all spares in stock

• List all damaged/failed hardware in stock

• Take pictures where possible either installed or uninstalled

• Offer a full description of the equipment available

• State when the parts be available for purchase

Whatever you choose to do with your Speedtronic™ Mark VI control system, Gas Turbine Controls will continue to work to extend the life of your assets so that you can keep the control of your operations.

Ready to talk with GTC about how to “keep the control”?

Since 2001, Gas Turbine Controls (GTC) has positioned itself as a premier technology supplier of replacement parts, repairs, training and field services for the GE* series.

Let’s talk about how you can extend the life of your systems with us.


*Gas Turbine Controls Corporation (“GTC”) is an independent supplier and service company. It is not affiliated with GE and is not an authorized distributor for GE. GE products sold by GTC may be obtained from third parties, may be used, remanufactured, unused or factory new and are not covered by a GE warranty unless otherwise stated.

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