How 10 Days or Less Gets Your Plant Long-Lasting Benefits

When it comes to the efficiency of your plant operations, there’s nothing like years of expertise to reduce downtime and keep your system going. As your equipment ages and your team gets younger, however, it’s not uncommon to discover gaps of knowledge and skill in your staff members—and unfortunately, those gaps show themselves most clearly in a moment of crisis.

At Gas Turbine Controls (GTC), we believe in extending the life of your GE* & Excitation Controls systems as long as possible. That’s why we include extensive gas turbine controls & excitation training as part of our comprehensive services.

Here are five reasons that we encourage your team to enroll in GTC’s training, and how 10 days or less can give your plant long-lasting benefits.

1) Increase Productivity

When you consider how costly increased downtime is during an outage, investing just 5 to 10 days in training your workforce is highly cost-effective in the long term. The more competent your workforce, the more productive your individual employees become with their time, and the less costly downtime is spent trying to diagnose and solve problems. Overall, everyone benefits from the improved efficiency of your plant’s operations.

“The instructor’s presentation style was very good and the walk-through schematics was very helpful. Knowing how everything is supposed to work so if there are problems, troubleshooting should be quicker and easier.” – Jason, Atlantic Power Corporation

2) Reduce Workplace Hazards

When it comes to reducing and mitigating the effect of accidents, comprehensive training has been proven over and over again to be a key factor to workplace safety. Proper maintenance procedures and system operation are crucial to keeping your systems up and running safely and effectively, so it’s vital that your team understands how to correctly manage your control systems. Your trained staff, and everyone else in your facility, will be safer as a result.

3) Put Less Strain on Your Experienced Workers

Expecting your experienced staff to teach newer hires in a crisis is a less-than-ideal training scenario. Taking the time to train your employees in advance puts less strain on your more skilled team members, and gives your trainees the time to ask any questions and understand potential problems that might occur. This makes all future crises far less stressful for your entire team, as well as creates a wider pool of knowledgeable staff for your employees to rely on.

“The relevance of training in relation to my job function is excellent. The live panel is a huge plus and I would definitely recommend this course. The presentation of the turbine assembly was very detailed and I will be able to utilize the skills learned in the workplace.” – Ashley, ConocoPhillips

4) Learn in a Low-Risk Environment

Technology has made leaps and bounds in terms of learning how to use gas turbine controls in a safe, low-risk environment. Training with energized Mark IV, V, VI, and VIe panels is available at GTC’s training facility, and emulators are used for Mark V and Mark VI training there as well. This allows your staff to learn hands-on in a controlled environment.

“I found the instructor’s knowledge of the Mark IV and the course material to be very good. The slightly more mechanical perspective adds an understanding and level of knowledge that I didn’t get from other courses.” – Chris, Saguaro Power Co.

5) Get Practical, Hands-On Knowledge

One of the most frustrating aspects of learning is spending time focusing on something that, ultimately, isn’t relevant to your job function. GTC designs courses for gas turbine operators with the express purpose of giving them the information they need to do their job efficiency and effectively, so no time is wasted on extraneous details. To ensure this, GTC’s classes are all taught by experienced, practicing engineers, who bring their real-world experience into the classroom.

Want to learn more about how GTC’s training courses can help prepare your team? Contact your regional GTC sales representative or call us at (+1) 914-693-0830.


*Gas Turbine Controls Corporation (“GTC”) is an independent supplier and service company. It is not affiliated with GE and is not an authorized distributor for GE. GE products sold by GTC may be obtained from third parties, may be used, remanufactured, unused or factory new and are not covered by a GE warranty unless otherwise stated.

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