GE Turbine and Excitation Controls

MKII / MKIV / MKV / MKVI / MKVIe EX2000 / EX2100 / LS2100M

Spare Parts

Largest stock of spare parts provided when & where needed.

Testing & Repair

Modern, controlled facilities for quick and efficient repairs.

Field Services

Troubleshooting, commissioning, upgrades and more.



Multi-level on-site and off-site courses for operators and technicians.

Asset Recovery

Competitive appraisals for displaced control systems and equipment.

Parts, Services & Training for GE Turbine & Excitation Controls

Comprehensive Support for Gas & Steam Turbines

GTC is a leading supplier of replacement parts, repairs, training, field services and other solutions for GE power plant control systems. Housing an unparalleled stock of GE Speedtronic™ turbine and Excitation control spares, including but not limited to GE Mark I/II, Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI, Mark VIe, EX2000 and EX2100. In addition, GTC also supports Woodward Netcon/Micronet turbine controls as well as Bently Nevada 3300/3500 vibration systems.

With continued support (parts, repairs, training and field services) for systems declared at end-of-life by the OEM, GTC shifted the paradigm from “must upgrade now” proposed by the OEM to “can postpone indefinitely or until the conditions are favorable.”


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GTC provides a wide range of previously used OEM original parts. GTC maintains a vast inventory of original, OEM parts and modules, in used, remanufactured, unused and factory new condition.

GTC is an independent supplier and service company. It is not affiliated with GE and is not an authorized distributor for GE.

Some of our global clients include:

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