Speedtronic Mark V Advanced Training Course


Description:     This course is intended to give personnel who already have some knowledge of controls and turbine operating principles the ability to perform all maintenance and programming functions on a GE Speedtronic Mark V controller.

Duration:         10.0 Day

Outline:               Week 1

Mark V introduction, history, evolution, IDOS, HMI.

Anti-static precautions, training, practical, card removal, handling precautions.
Eeprom change procedure.

Discussion on use of correct tools - practical.

Mark V construction- Architecture. TMR SIMPLEX <I>. Power supplies testing.
Practical exercises.

Basic Turbine operating principles, recap. Discussion of role of commissioning engineer, maintenance technician, operators, visiting troubleshooter.

Introduction to software and programming exercises.

Discussions on field devices and their operating principles. Such devices will be
provided for hands on experience.

I/O training on how to locate physical I/O addresses and how to scale, name,
analogue and digital I/O points.

Practical exercises to add digital and analogue inputs to the controller.

Training on ladder logic, how to compile and edit control sequence. Practical exercises.

Training to enable students to add a device, install control sequence to process the signal, and give an output with an alarm.

Basic troubleshooting with View2 and View2T.


Outline:               Week 2

Discussions on main Mark V servo drivers. Fuel Control, IGV control. Liquid Fuel.

IDOS displays. Training on how to edit, add Command Push Buttons, construct control screens.

Practical exercises enabling students to construct a control screen, add control sequence relating to that screen, control and receive feedback from the physical I/O.

Alarm tracing, troubleshooting.

Diagnostic alarms.



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