Mark II Speedtronic Maintenance Training


Description: N/A
Course Duration:  10.0 Days
Course Outline: Mark II Speedtronic Control Principles

  • Digital Control Elements
  • Analogue Control Elements
  • Fuel Control
  • Gas Fuel Control
  • Speed Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Master Protection
  • Digital Setpoint (Governor)
  • Liquid Fuel Control

Mark II Speedtronic Control Sequencing

  • On-Base Permissive Signals
  • MCC Sequencing
  • Input and Output Signals
  • Turbine Start Sequencing
  • Master Protection
  • Turbine Starting Means
  • Ratchet Turbine Control Sequencing
  • Atomizing and Fuel Purge

Mark II Speedtronic Control Calibration

  • Speed Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Fuel Splitter
  • Liquid Fuel Control
  • Gas Fuel Control
  • Start-up Control
  • Ground Fault Detection
  • Vibration Protection
  • Flame Detection

Mark II Speedtronic Control Troubleshooting

  • Introduction
  • Speedtronic Power Modules
  • Control Function
  • Protection Systems
  • Power Supply System
  • Panel Field Energizing
  • Troubleshooting



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