We have an inventory of Baileys Infi 90 system parts. The Infi 90 and Net 90 systems were developed by Bailey Controls which was purchased by ABB in 1998.

Many Bailey Infi 90 and Net 90 modules have firmware (system software on a chip). The firmware version is critical to the proper module function. We can help you determine the firmware versions that you need and often can provide the exact match due to our large inventory and sourcing network.
All of our ABB Bailey Infi 90 system parts come with a 1-year warranty.


We provide testing and repair for a great selection of Baileys hardware. Testing and repair services are thorough and performed by some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field and offer yearly testing programs.

In addition to circuit boards and terminal cards, we stock other components including but not limited to; serial port cards, digital slave modules, module power supplies, output term units, and controller mod term unit.  Many of our items in stock we can offer both in unused (UN) and remanufactured (RM) conditions.
GTC carries the following Baileys product lines: Infi 90 and Net 90.

The world’s largest stock of genuine GE Speedtronic spares.

Tel: (+1) 914-693-0830


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