Why an EPROM backup is recommended

Many of the EPROMs on a customer's MkIV panel are the original EPROMs installed at commissioning and, as such, can be 25 or more years old. Old age, excessive use (beyond the manufacturer's recommendation), sub-optimal environment, and repeated handling (i.e., when the EPROM is transferred onto a newly-installed spare circuit board) can render these EPROMs fragile and unstable.

Many of these EPROMs are no longer available from the manufacturer. For EPROMs that are listed as available, lead times for replacements from the manufacturer can be 6 weeks or longer. If a critical EPROM were to fail during circuit board replacement, and that EPROM were not available from the manufacturer or elsewhere, the only solution to the operator might be complete replacement (retrofitting) of the MkIV panel, a serious undertaking when carefully planned, let alone in an emergency. A MkIV operator who lacks a complete set of back-up EPROMs for his panel is therefore operating without a vital safety net, and is at risk of extended unplanned outage time in the event of EPROM failure. Any single EPROM in the MkIV might be near its end of life, which could occur any time: at the next panel shut down or start-up, at the next installation of a spare circuit board, or even at the next mild power surge.


Why use GTC for your EPROM backup

GTC Services offers a solution to this problem, in the form of its signature GTC EPROM Backup Service. Applying best practices over two separate site visits and using dedicated, state-of-the-art equipment, GTC's qualified engineer will perform a detailed survey of the customer's MkIV panel EPROMs, and create and execute a customized backup plan.


GTC's extensive library of EPROMs maximizes the chance that a substitute EPROM will be immediately available in the event of EPROM failure during the backup procedure, therefore significantly reducing the risk of unplanned outage due to EPROM failure during the backup process.


What to expect:

  1. Initial Site Visit (One Day). Engineer performs a detailed survey of the customer's MkIV panel EPROMs. Includes up to 10 hours of door to door travel time. An outage of 2-4 hours will be required per panel.
  2. Library Search. Following the Initial Site Visit, a search of GTC's extensive library of surplus EPROMs will be performed to identify all EPROMs in GTC's stock that match or may be equivalent to the customer's panel EPROMs.
  3. Second Site Visit (up to 2 full days). Engineer and assistant make a site visit to perform a backup of all EPROMs in the customer's MkIV panel, using state-of-the-art equipment and following best practices. All GTC stock EPROMs that were found during step 2 above will be available on-site during this site visit as stand-by units. Each original EPROM will be re-installed in panel after backup is performed. Includes up to 10 hours of door to door travel time for Engineer and Assistant. An outage of 1-2 days will be required per panel.
  4. Backup Creation. A complete duplicate (backup) set of all EPROMs will be created at GTC's facility. To the extent possible, GTC will use new, blank EPROMs for the backup set. In the event a particular EPROM is obsolete and/or no longer available, GTC will supply a previously used EPROM. All backup EPROMs are triple checked for accuracy.
  5. Delivery of Backup Set. GTC will deliver the duplicate (backup) set of EPROMs plus a CD-ROM copy to the customer within 2 weeks, following completion of the second site visit.


GTC guarantees that every backup EPROM supplied to the customer will be a functional equivalent of the corresponding original customer EPROM. In the event a backup EPROM should fail upon installation during a five year period following delivery, GTC will replace that EPROM at no charge to the customer.


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