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To further assist you in using this forum, you would have seen the Rules of Posting when you signed up, we have listed them here for your reference, please familiarize yourself with these periodically;

GTC Forum - Posting Rules

The GTC Speedtronic Forum is an online community of likeminded individuals and in order to keep it running smoothly, legally and in good humor, we ask our users to adhere to the rules outlined below. Please bear in mind that our rules are designed to ensure the site is safe to read at work and is a pleasant place to be for all users.

All matters relating to conduct in the forums and compliance with these Posting Rules will be determined by the Moderators under guidance from GTC Forum staff.

If you see any material on this website which you think does not conform to these standards please use the ‘report’ link available on every message. Please address all queries relating to moderation to the Administrator.

These posting rules are in addition to our General Terms and Conditions

When using this website you agree not to:

1. Use insulting, threatening or defamatory words, pictures or other communications.
2. Post any material likely to provoke, annoy, upset, embarrass or alarm any other person.
3. Deliberately provoke arguments or continue arguments that have calmed down, or have had the thread closed.
4. Use the forums to harass anyone, including but not limited to posting personal or private information, photos etc without permission from the person to which such information, photos etc relates.
5. Post any material which infringes the copyright, other intellectual property rights or any other rights of any other person.
6. Post links to any site that is pornographic, violent, racist, sexist, voyeuristic or is otherwise offensive or unlawful in any way.
7. Post any material that is pornographic, violent, racist, sexist, voyeuristic or is otherwise offensive or unlawful in any way.
8. Post links to websites or adverts for commercial or personal gain. All advertising on the GTC Forum must be through the normal channels.
9. Create multiple profiles for any purpose, e.g. to escape a previous ban or to allow comments which breach our website terms and conditions or these Posting Rules). This also includes impersonating any other person, real or imaginary.
10. Post material or link to any material that is unlawful or which support, promote or incite unlawful acts etc.
11. Reignite inflammatory threads by creating new threads on the same or similar topics after threads covering a particular topic have been closed.
12. Use or attempt to use any other person’s GTC Forum login or profile.
13. Attempt to damage the GTC Forum via electronic means or implement or attempt to implement a DOS attack.
14. Use a username that contains any reference to a company or website name.
15. Cross-post across the forums.
16. Promote charity events or recruit for charitable donations.

These are subject to change and new rules and regulations may be added at later dates.
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